Team Advantage

Boshi firmly believes in the strength of the team. The group currently gathers top forces in the industry engaged in the research and development, production, and quality management of lithium battery positive electrode materials. It has forward-looking concepts, advanced technology development experience, and strong production process control capabilities in the field of manganese based materials.
Boshi advocates the energy of technology. We have obtained multiple industry patents and have been awarded multiple provincial, municipal, and national honors. Build a product research and development system that integrates science colleges, research institutes, and engineering institutes; We have independent intellectual property rights in core technologies such as "surface microcrystalline crystal construction technology", "fast ion conductor composite modification doping technology", and "surface gradient doping and coating technology".

R & D advantage

The company pays attention to R&D investment, actively develops new processes, strives to explore core cutting-edge technologies, comprehensively develops manganese based cathode materials, and maintains the forward-looking and progressiveness nature of products and research and development. At present, the company has obtained a number of core technology patents, and the company has independently innovated and developed products such as lithium nickel manganate and lithium manganese iron phosphate, which have advanced performance indicators and are at the international leading level. At the same time, the R&D team has also mastered the core technology of corresponding material precursors.

Workmanship & quality

The advantages of the later development process have summarized the team and industry's years of process design experience. By using a relatively simple production process and strengthening the sintering temperature, the electrochemical performance of lithium manganese oxide products has been improved, while ensuring convenient and stable quality control. At the same time, the production cost has been greatly reduced, further improving product competitiveness.



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